Gas, C-Store & Car Wash

Gas, C-Store & Car Wash

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We Recognize the Dynamic and Cutthroat Nature of the Retail Industry

Our team of Acuity Finance Solutions experts fully comprehends the dynamic and cutthroat nature of the retail sector. Entrepreneurs in this industry put in relentless efforts to unlock the maximum potential of their establishments. Managing overhead expenses, such as rent and payroll, demands a meticulous approach to cash flow management in order to foster profitability and expansion.

Our services encompass cost-effective financing options tailored specifically for gas stations, convenience stores, and car wash facilities. With our support, you can fuel the growth of your business in new markets or efficiently oversee your existing locations.

For independent owners, jobbers, and equipment manufacturers and distributors, we offer gas station, convenience store and car wash financing solutions for almost anything, including:

  • Gas Station Equipment
    • Underground tanks
    • Canopies and signage
    • Fuel Dispensers
    • Ground-up projects
    • Auto repair machines and tools
  • Convenience Store Equipment
    • Refrigeration
    • LED lighting
    • Coffee machines
    • Laundry facilities
  • Car Wash Equipment
    • Tunnels
    • Vacuum and water systems
    • Polishing
    • In-bay systems
  • Other Business/Retail Equipment
    • POS systems
    • IT hardware and software
  • And more

Cost-effective Financing Options Tailored Specifically for Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, and Car Wash Facilities

We offer:

  • Flexible Financing up to $2 million
  • New or used equipment financing
  • Financing, leasing & working capital
  • Industry-leading application-only limits
  • Fast credit decisions
  • Pre-approval and deferred payment options
  • 100% financing to bundle associated costs

Our Solutions are Designed to Fuel Growth in New Markets or Facilitate the Smooth Management of Existing Locations

Business proprietors devote significant efforts to unlocking their locations’ maximum potential. Managing cash flow diligently is crucial for ensuring profitability and expansion, especially when it comes to overhead expenses such as rent and payroll.

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Payton R


When I needed guidance and solutions, Acuity was there. Attention to detail, great follow-up, and follow-through. Really felt I was in great hands. Highly recommended.

David G.


I started my credit repair business three years ago, I have been working with Ken Kandell at company, it’s been amazing working with the company and their team, if you have a credit repair business you need to use this.

Graham L


I feel like I have a team at Acuity Finance Solutions -- they are an extension of my business, no doubt. Responsive, with great research and skills. There are no problems at Acuity - only challenges with solutions.

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