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For businesses to thrive, they must be able to capitalize on ideas and opportunities quickly. Acuity Finance Solutions business loans and equipment financing are the investments that can help pave the way to success in the future.

We access the capital you need for equipment financing and short-term business loans. Our process is straightforward. We simplify the application process and expedite the time it takes to receive the funds or equipment you need. Additionally, we offer flexible repayment plans that take into account the unique needs of your business.

Loans for Small Businesses

Small enterprises may be able to secure financing through special loan programs. These loans are often designed with the particular needs of small businesses in mind in order to help them grow and succeed.

To get up to $250,000 in cash, you simply need to submit a one-page request form. Acuity FinanceSolutions provides rapid authorization and different payment plans, with terms ranging from one month to two years.

You may use the funds for:

  • Purchasing Inventory
  • Paying Taxes
  • Bridging Payroll
  • Expansion
  • Consumable Supplies
  • Technology upgrades
  • Or anything else your business needs!

Financing and Leasing Services of Business Equipment

It is essential to have a financing program for business equipment in today’s ever-evolving atmosphere. Doing so allows you to make your business plans a reality with minimal initial investment and reap the long-term benefits of flexible payment options.

We offer:

  • Financing up to $2 million
  • Leasing terms up to 84 months
  • Finance agreements, leases, and working capital loans
  • New or used equipment financing
  • 100% financing
  • Deferred payment options
  • Fast credit decisions

Acuity Finance Solutions

A financial partner as aggressive as your sales team.

Business Loan

Short-term business loans are a great option for clients that want to finance specific business needs or investment.

Business Line of Credit

A line of credit gives your business access to revolving funds that can be used for business expenses that are typically more difficult to get a single loan for.

Equipment Financing

High-quality, modern equipment is a necessary part of your business, from heavy equipment like forklifts to large medical equipment. We help you make it happen.

Native American Communities

Native American communities face a number of challenges, including poverty, unemployment, and lack of access to healthcare and education. However, they are also resilient and resourceful communities that are working to overcome these challenges and build a better future for their members.

Working Capital

Only take what you need, and only pay for what you use. A great option for short-term business funding needs and managing cash flow.

SBA Loans

Small business loans are a type of financing that can help small businesses start, grow, or expand. They can be used for a variety of purposes, such as purchasing inventory, equipment, or real estate; hiring new employees; or marketing and advertising.

Commercial Finance

Commercial finance is a broad term that refers to a variety of financial products and services that are available to businesses. Commercial finance can be used to start a new business, expand an existing business, purchase equipment or real estate, or finance day-to-day operations.

USDA Rural Development

The USDA offers a number of loan programs to help rural businesses grow and succeed.
USDA loans are typically more flexible and affordable than traditional bank loans. They also have longer repayment terms, which can make them easier to manage for small businesses.

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Payton R


When I needed guidance and solutions, Acuity was there. Attention to detail, great follow-up, and follow-through. Really felt I was in great hands. Highly recommended.

David G.


I started my credit repair business three years ago, I have been working with Ken Kandell at company, it’s been amazing working with the company and their team, if you have a credit repair business you need to use this.

Graham L


I feel like I have a team at Acuity Finance Solutions -- they are an extension of my business, no doubt. Responsive, with great research and skills. There are no problems at Acuity - only challenges with solutions.

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