Commercial Finance

Commercial Finance

Commercial Real Estate Finance

Securing funding for a commercial project becomes smoother when you have a dependable lender by your side. Our experienced and detail-oriented commercial lenders are essential contributors to progress. Let’s collaborate to successfully bring your project to fruition.

Commercial finance offers several valuable benefits to businesses:

  • Access to Capital: It provides businesses with essential funding to invest in growth opportunities, purchase equipment, or manage working capital needs.
  • Cash Flow Management: Commercial finance solutions can help businesses maintain a steady cash flow, ensuring they can meet day-to-day expenses and financial obligations.
  • Tax Advantages: Some forms of commercial finance, like loans and leases, can offer tax benefits, such as deducting interest expenses, which can help reduce overall tax liabilities.
  • Ownership Retention: Unlike equity financing, commercial finance options typically allow businesses to retain full ownership and control of their operations.
  • Credit Building: Responsible management of commercial finance can improve a business’s credit profile, making it easier to access future financing at favorable terms.

Creating Opportunities Across the Country

Our mission is to create opportunities across the country, fostering economic growth, innovation, and prosperity for communities large and small. We are committed to supporting businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals in realizing their dreams and aspirations. By providing access to resources, expertise, and financial solutions, we aim to empower individuals and organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Together, we build a brighter future for our nation, where opportunities are within reach for all.

Specialty Financing

In the realm of commercial financing, the swiftness and precision of execution are paramount. When dealing with intricate financial structures, it’s imperative to partner with a lender capable of providing innovative solutions promptly. Our expertise spans a wide range of commercial lending scenarios, ensuring we can meet your specific needs with both speed and creativity.

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Payton R


When I needed guidance and solutions, Acuity was there. Attention to detail, great follow-up, and follow-through. Really felt I was in great hands. Highly recommended.

David G.


I started my credit repair business three years ago, I have been working with Ken Kandell at company, it’s been amazing working with the company and their team, if you have a credit repair business you need to use this.

Graham L


I feel like I have a team at Acuity Finance Solutions -- they are an extension of my business, no doubt. Responsive, with great research and skills. There are no problems at Acuity - only challenges with solutions.

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